Niall looks at Zayn, his jaw set and gaze hardened before he sighs, shaking his head. “What’s your mark?” Niall asks, looking at Zayn. Zayn pulls down his shirt collar, absently running his fingers along the ‘Friday?’ etched there. Niall laughs under his breath. “Want to know mine?” Zayn nods. “Me too.”

Or the one where soul mates exist, identified by a mark on your body. Zayn believes Niall is his, but Niall is convinced he doesn’t have one.

Niall had expectations about his years at Hogwarts, but none of them prepared him for meeting Zayn.

Zayn and Liam are stepbrothers, Liam is popular, Zayn is a nerd (not really, he’s just smart and likes to read). Niall is a jock and often spends time in their house and everyone seems to have this weird idea that he’s dating Liam.

a five universes where ziall always find each other fic (aka an excuse for me to write some of the verses i’ve always wanted to write) (includes: coffee shop, uni, famous/non-famous, tumblr, and single dads)

Zayn and Niall are on their own in LA—Zayn notices Niall’s not quite himself lately, and takes matters into his own hands.

Zayn’s the top model in the fashion industry until Niall shows up. Zayn doesn’t want to share the spotlight but sometimes it gets lonely being on top of the world.

Anonymous asked: Do you know the author to the fic c'est la vie, the story has been deleted but she said she was going to post a oneshot version, and i cant find her but I really want to read it

No, I don’t. I’m really bad with author names, there’s just so many. Anyone else know?

Anonymous asked: Do you know what happened to Tangie on AO3?

Yeah, they said that their dad saw their fics on AO3 and they kind of panicked and deleted them, something like that. But they has a tumblr, apparently. And I believe that they’re going to start posting their work on their tumblr page now :) 


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Anonymous asked: Do you have any ziall hate smut?

I have an enemies to lovers tag, both start off with ‘hate sex’ and end with feelings. x

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Anonymous asked: The one about the train is by icecooly94 called I Can Make You Famous on Instagram.

Thank you! And thank you to the other person who sent me this message :) 


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