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Anonymous asked: Hii :)do you know some one shot where ziall get into a fight/argument/misunderstading (jealousy or something like that) with happy ending or not??thanksss xx

Yes, hello, anon. I have some, not a lot, which is surprising because isn’t Jealous!Zayn like a thing with Ziall? 

I’m going to actually rec a few of these out but in the mean time…

x x x x x x x

Once again, I wish that tumblr had a better tagging system in regards to fics…

You don’t know how many Larry fics I had to go through because people tag their side pairings as main pairings, and LIE TO ME. 

Niall is a popular football/soccer player in his school. Zayn is his bestfriend to everyone’s eyes, his boyfriend to Niall’s eyes.

marvelzixll asked: Hi, so I've been trying to find this Ziall oneshot in which Niall is a football player and tone day they have a football match in which it's no surprise that his boyfriend, Zayn, is there. And I just specifically remember this cute thing, which was whenever Niall would score, they would both put two fingers on their heart and then up to the sky. Please if you could it would be great, I'm dying to read it again. xx

Okay, I feel like I’ve read this because the it sounds so familiar. I don’t think it’s been reced out either. I’m gonna go look for it, but if I don’t find it, does anyone know this??

Liam, Harry, and Louis are drinking to… something all night. And Zayn’s dying to figure it out, he really is.

Then he finds out and wishes he hadn’t.

Zayn hears a noise in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and comes down stairs to find the infamous Saint Niall who tells him he’s on the naughty list.

Anonymous asked: i read a ziall fic one time where niall was the new kid in a boarding school and then he fell in love with zayn. got friends with liam ( i think) zayn got jealous and yeah...i cant remember its name

I don’t know it. Does anyone?

Anonymous asked: do you have any powerbottom!zayn fics? c:

What’s a powerbottom? What’s the difference between bottom and powerbottom? 

I’m working on redoing the tags right now to include who tops and who bottoms in sex but since I’m a mess right now trying to reorganize everything here is the bottom zayn tag on ao3 x by this weekend there will be an actual tag on here for bottom Zayn and that will help you, I swear. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any fic where Zayn is ill?

I haven’t reced any out, but I did find these. 

x This is a bit more Zianourry than Ziall. 

and x

I’m also going to include this one, but warning for anorexia and death x

It seems like a trend where Niall is always the sick one in Ziall instead of Zayn, so the results were limited. 

I wish tumblr had a better way of searching for fics using specific tags like ao3 does, sigh. 

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Niall is a jock frat boy and Zayn is a hipster magazine editor, and also Niall’s boyfriend.