Anonymous asked: there was this fic i read before but i want to find it again it was where zayn was a model and he was dating niall but he broke up w niall bc his friends claimed that niall was taking his money/savings from his modeling and then they meet again

I’ve never read this one :/ does anyone know it?

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Anonymous asked: favorite ziall stories/authors from wattpad?

I don’t think that I’ve ever actually read a ziall story from wattpad, to be honest with you, but I went and looked up the most popular ones (assuming that means they’re great stories) and here they are. 

I’ve not read any of these so I can’t say what is in them or if they’re good or not. 









Anonymous asked: Hiiii I really value your opinion when it comes to ziall fic I've loved all your recs so far but I was wondering if that last fic you posted is even worth the read? It's so long I don't want to start it and then find out it sucks halfway through

Yeah, I mean, I read the entire thing and I really enjoyed it. But if long fics aren’t for you, then they’re not for you. If you’ve loved all the recs so far, then why would this one be different? Some stories need more than 3k to tell a story, that’s one of them. 

I can’t say if you’ll personally enjoy it, I don’t know your personal tastes, but I really liked it and had fun reading it. 

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“You’re right, Liyha, Niall’s not my boyfriend.” Niall who’d stood frozen in shock from the moment Tricia eyed him as though she’d just hit the jackpot and Niall was the million dollar prize, physically relaxes at the correction but his relief is short lived as Zayn continues speaking without missing a beat:

“Or well he’s not just my boyfriend, but my fiancé!”

[or the one where I rewrite The Proposal with a Ziall twist]

Anonymous asked: I think the fic where Niall was raped by his teacher and had to move away (not a Ziall, because I think it was mis-tagged? I was confused by that because it wasn't really clear) is 'we're on our way back home' by whorlik

Hmm.. I’ve never read this one before, but it definitely sounds like a possibility. And you’re right about the tagging, looking at the tags it says all the Niall ships and Zianourry, but skimming through it, it seems a bit more Niam. 

So thank you, anon, and I’ll link this for that other anon, just in case this is what they were looking for. 

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1. the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.
2. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Clearly, if he’s to follow Niall’s lead, the protocol here is for both of them to pretend that they’ve never met, that they have no recollection of the events that unfolded between them that night.

Zayn takes a breath and sits up straighter. He can do this. Zayn can absolutely try to forget that night ever happened.

Or, Uni AU where Zayn and Niall start working next to each other - and they both kinda pretend that they’ve completely forgotten about that drunken but mind-blowing one-night-stand they had a month ago.

Anonymous asked: can you link me to any fics where niall or zayn are alcoholics

Hiya! I don’t think I’ve ever read any, but I figured that I’d gather some up and send them your way, so I cannot say if these are good or not, but here are a few! 



I actually really want to check these two out, so I hope they’re good!

Anonymous asked: do you know where i can find this fic i read once on a03 it was niall and zayn met and zayn was dating liam but zayn and niall end up hooking up and then trying to make each other jealous afterwards and zayn liam niall and nialls date go to some play or something together and they whole time they are making each other jealous... this is a shitty description im sorry

I’ve tried looking for this, but I didn’t have any luck :/ 

Does anyone else know it??

Anonymous asked: do you happen to know the name of the one shot where Nialls teacher rapes him when he was young and he and his mom move and thats when he meets Zayn, larry and liam and he ends up telling them (drunk i think) and he tells them how his teacher would tell him he was a dirty boy and stuff like that?

God, this sounds soooo familiar!! I’ve spent the day trying to find it and I’m having no luck, but it feels like I’ve read this before.. 

Does anyone else know it??? It’s driving me crazy!